A start-up or middle market company looking for venture capital typically can expect the following process:

Submit Business Plan

Orbit International reviews an entrepreneur’s business plan, and talks to the business if it meets the fund’s investment criteria. Most funds concentrate on an industry, geographic area, and/or stage of development.

Due Diligence

If Orbit International is interested in the prospective investment, it performs due diligence on the business, including looking in great detail at the company’s management team, market, products and services, operating history, corporate governance documents, and financial statements. This step can include developing a term sheet describing the terms and conditions under which Orbit would make an investment.


If at the completion of due diligence Orbit remains interested, an investment is made in the company in exchange for some of its equity. The terms of an investment are usually based on company performance, which help provide benefits to the business while minimizing risks for us..

Execution with our Support

Once Orbit has invested, it becomes actively involved in the company. Orbit normally does not make their entire investment in a company at once, but in “rounds.” As the company meets previously-agreed milestones, further rounds of financing are made available,